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Let’s forget about technical SEO for a minute. What qualities should good SEO content have? I think there are 3 essential qualities that every page of SEO content should possess whether or not the author follows a strict technical recipe for search engine rankings. So what are those qualities?

  1. Relevance
  2. Originality
  3. Sincerity

    SEO Relevance

    The key to all good SEO is creating content that is relevant to a search query. This might border on technical SEO, but in terms of content quality, it’s absolutely essential – technical or not. If your page isn’t relevant for at least one specific search query, then you can bet it won’t rank for anything important – if it ranks at all.

    Content Originality

    You might think that relevance is the most important quality, but I don’t think so. Originality is so important that even if you fail to make your content purposely relevant, you could still achieve decent rankings for something on originality alone. Many web pages accidentally achieve respectable rankings even though they lack SEO technicality because they hit a home run in the originality department. Above all else, be original. Duplicate content will get you nowhere.


    Most readers can spot B.S. when they see it. Fluff is just that. Nothing that anyone wants to read. Make your content shine with sincerity, integrity, and originality. Why produce anything else?

These qualities are probably not what you expected, but I think they are absolutely essential to writing great SEO content in 2012. What do you think?

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