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If you want to be helpful to your blog readers, then you’ve got to create useful links. There are a lot of different types of links and not all of them helpful. Here are 4 types of blog post links that are very helpful – to you and to your readers.

  1. Past blog posts – By linking to previous blog posts you can increase your blog’s SEO quotient and help your readers learn more information about the topic you are writing about. It’s one of the most useful types of blog post links in your arsenal.
  2. Internal website link – This type of link is a link from your blog to a page on your website. The purpose is to send your reader to a more detailed page regarding your topic. Do yourself a favor and create an anchor text link to give your website an added SEO boost.
  3. Link to an external resource – Your blog should be helpful to your readers. If you aren’t linking to valuable content on a regular basis, then you’ll lose readers. One way to ensure your readers keep coming back for more is to link elsewhere to a valuable resource on a given topic. If someone else has covered a topic better than you could, link to it.
  4. Call to action link – Sometimes you just want to sell something. It could a service, your own product, or an affiliate product you promote. You don’t have to link to get that coveted SEO juice. A simple “click here” or “for more information” type of link after a well done and detailed description of your product or service can get those clicks to going.

A good blog has links in it. These 4 types of blog post links can take your blog from obscurity to popularity in just a couple of months – if you employ them regularly.

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