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If you’re looking for new ways to build links for your website, try conducting interviews. These can be great ways to build inbound links, which increases your exposure in the search engines.

Here are 5 ways to conduct interviews for link building:

  1. Video interview – Videos are easy. You simply invite the interviewee to a specific location, turn the camera on, and start asking questions (over-simplified, but you get the point). Then, you distribute the video. You can upload the video to YouTube then embed it into a page on your website and share the link to all your social media accounts. The inbound links you’ll get are from people who share the video and link to it from their blogs. This works well for a high profile person in your niche.
  2. Your blog – You could interview someone by phone and transcribe the video onto your blog.
  3. Podcast – Since you’re interviewing by phone, why not just record the interview and share it on your blog or website as an audio file?
  4. Your newsletter – If you have an e-mail newsletter, put your interview in the newsletter as an exclusive. Then advertise that you have interviewed such-and-such in your newsletter. Others in your niche will link to you and drive traffic to your newsletter opt-in page.
  5. Article – If you do a lot of interviews, set up an interview section on your website and run a periodic interview as an article. If you do a good with these, you’ll get people linking to your interviews page.

Interviews can be a great source of content and links. They may be time consuming, but you’ll be glad you made use of that time when you see the rewards.

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