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Businesses that try to employ search engine optimization techniques to improve their search engine rankings often make costly mistakes that kill their rankings. Google has shared a video that is aimed at business owners and webmasters that tells how to avoid 5 mistakes often made with regard to SEO.

The 5 mistakes that website owners make, according to Google, are:

  • They don’t have a value proposition – They have no value proposition, something that sets them apart from the competition. Instead of focusing on SEO and keyword densities, try instead to focus on valuable high quality content that will attract the type of people you are looking for to become your customers
  • They use a segmented approach – Instead of approaching SEO holistically, many businesses use a segmented approach where the marketing department appears to not be communicating with other departments within the company.
  • They get stuck in time-consuming workarounds – We see this one all the time. Many businesses get so stuck on SEO techniques that they spend all their time trying to find a workaround to high search engine rankings. You’d be better off just focusing on producing high quality content
  • They get caught up in SEO trends – Here’s another big one. If you are chasing the algorithms, then you are likely wasting your time. They change so often that no one can keep up with every change. You should focus instead on finding your prospects with high quality content.
  • They are slow iterators – Many professional SEOs fall into this category as well. Many SEOs are still stuck on 2005 link building techniques. If you focus on providing original, high quality content, then you can’t go wrong.
  • Watch the video for yourself (below), and when you want to get serious about quality content call an SEO company that understands how to make it stick.

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