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Many SEOs are still optimizing websites as if they are living in 1997. And they’re teaching their clients to do it too. I’m going to set the record straight about 6 SEO tactics that are ineffective and a complete waste of time.

  1. Keyword Stuffing – It’s hard to believe, but some SEOs still believe that if you put 2% keyword density into your web pages, then it will help you rank. It won’t. This is a total waste of time.
  2. Meta Keywords – No major search engines care what you put into this meta content field.
  3. Search Engine Submission – Directory submissions can help you. Search engine submissions can’t. The major search engines will crawl your website. You don’t need to submit your site to them.
  4. Header Tags – If you think H1 and H2 tags are going to push you up the rankings, think again. They look nice, but they only help your site visitors. That’s important, isn’t it?
  5. Multiple Pages For Similar Keywords – If you think that optimizing a page for “widget” and another page for “widgets” is going to give you a competitive edge, then you are dreaming. That’s especially true if most of the content on those pages is the same.
  6. Nofollow Attributes – Putting a nofollow attribute on your internal links for your privacy policy and terms of service is not going to help you increase your link popularity on important pages. It just won’t.

No serious SEO will tell you these tactics work. If you hear it, run the other way.

2 Responses to “6 SEO Tactics That Will Waste Your Time”

  1. So can we look forward to the sequel, “6 SEO Tactics That Are Really Worth using” ?


  2. So can we look forward to the sequel, “6 SEO Tactics That Are Really Worth using” ?


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