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Google is more than just a search engine. The big media company also has tools to help content producers come up with ideas for blog posts and other content – both on and off of your websites. Here are 6 ways you can use Google to come up with more content ideas.

  1. Google AdWords External Keyword Research Tool – The AdWords External Keyword Research Tool was designed to help potential advertisers come up with ideas for targeted keywords in their ads, but it has become a great tool for webmasters to use in discovering new keywords to use in their content strategies.
  2. Google Suggest – When you search Google you’ll see drop-down suggestions in the search box. These are actual phrases that searchers have used. They are the most popular searches related to the one you are trying to make, and Google Suggest shows these to you as you are typing. Take note. They are wonderful keyword suggestions for your content marketing.
  3. Google+ Trending TopicsJoin Google+. On your content stream you’ll see the top 5 trending topics on Google+.
  4. Google AlertsGoogle Alerts allows you to keep tabs of specific keyword phrases that are important to you. You’ll get an e-mail notification every time one of your keywords is mentioned anywhere online.
  5. Google Trends – Recently, Google merged the old Google Trends and Insights for Search into one all new product – the new Google Trends. You can type in a keyword and see how that keyword has trended over time. You’ll see how many searchers searched for information on that topic by geo-location and other important metrics.
  6. Google ZeitgeistGoogle Zeitgeist is a Google report that tells what searchers looked for each year. This annual report is a great tool for coming up with new content ideas.

If you want to come up with new content ideas, try one of these Google services. Or try them all. They’re free.

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