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This might come as a shocker, but there is nothing new under the sun. And that includes SEO.

In fact, if you are looking for “new and improved” as it relates to search engine optimization, then you are looking for the wrong thing. You’re better off with the old and the stale. I mean, stick what we know works.

So what is that exactly?

Instead of spending countless hours chasing links with your long tail keyword phrases, how about building yourself into a recognized authority within your niche? If you build a brand that people recognize and trust, then your online reputation will take care of itself. As will your SEO.

Now I’m not saying SEO is not important. And I’m not saying don’t think about SEO. What I’m saying is you should be subtle about it.

In terms of search engine optimization, the best SEO you can perform on your website is to publish quality content that people like to read. Sure, do your keyword research and throw in a few nuggets for the search engines, but don’t overdo it. Think in terms of “less is more.”

SEO is not a war game. Don’t treat it like one. Rather, if you work on your own reputation and deliver positive results to your customers, you will survive online.

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