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Are you one the many webmasters trying to figure out how to bounce back after being slammed from the 2011 Google Panda update? You can beat it and it doesn’t take a great deal of effort.

The one thing that I keep hearing over and over again is that webmasters had pages with minimal content just disappear from the SERPs all of a sudden. No amount of link building will fix the Panda slide. You need content.

There are generally three types of content pages that were affected en masse from the Google Panda update:

  • Product Pages – These are pages with a picture of the product and a description. There are so many websites with an e-commerce system where the product pages contain one or two lines of description and that’s it. You need to do more to describe the product. Add more content and see what happens.
  • Review Pages – Product review pages generally contain a short description (if that) and a visible star rating or other system that allows visitors to vote on how well they like a product, movie, song lyrics, etc. Again, you need to add a fair level of content on that page to fix the problem.
  • Location Pages – These are pages that contain a location or directions to a store front. They have traditionally contained minimal content, but rather than simply host a map that is pulled in from Google Local, try adding some content with directions to your location from various known landmarks.

There are other types of pages that may have been affected by the Panda update. In most cases, if you just add a little bit of content, you can see your pages rise again.

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