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Google recently announced the publication of a new webmaster cheat sheet. So if you just built your first website and want to know how you can get it to rank in Google’s search engine, you should download this PDF right away.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s just a basic overview, not a full tell-all. In other words, it isn’t comprehensive.

The PDF essentially offers the following advice:

  • Write a concise, informative page title
  • Chose a domain name that is descriptive and easy to remember
  • Write unique meta descriptions for each page of 160 characters or less
  • Give images short and descriptive file names
  • Write a keyword-based alt tag for each image
  • Include an informative and descriptive caption for each image
  • Keep your website’s content up to date and unique with fresh regular blog posts

This advice really isn’t earth-shatteringly new. Reciprocal Consulting has been giving this same advice for years. And remember, it’s still basic information. There is a lot more you can do to help your website rank in the search engines. For instance, you should build some inbound links to your site by sharing it on social media, encouraging your site visitors to share it with their friends, and writing guest articles and blog posts on niche-related websites.

It’s nice to know Google affirms what we’ve been saying for years now.

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