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A popular mistake by many online business owners is to concentrate their search engine optimization strategies purely on Google. They have 70% of the search market so you may say that’s fair enough. The Bing/Yahoo! search engine is still managing to draw 25% of the market – that’s a quarter of all searches. What is more important is that, over the years, when it comes to shopping, Yahoo! and Bing have been a consumer’s first preference.

Search statistics can be interesting, but they don’t always show the full picture.  Another factor worth considering is that only 61% of Google searches were successful as against over 80% when it came to Yahoo! and Bing.  That narrows the gap when it comes to actual visitor numbers – not significantly, but enough to seriously consider the Yahoo!/Bing search option seriously.

Most serious marketers have been targeting both Google and Yahoo!/Bing for a long time. While they may only have a small share of the search market, a well optimized site can still see a steady flow of visitors and anecdotal reports claim that Yahoo!/Bing traffic converts at a higher rate compared to Google.

The online world has become ultra competitive to the point every business owner needs to at least test out every option available. The Yahoo!/Bing alliance are making small inroads into Google’s search numbers and, if they can continue to deliver high success rates in search, they will continue to make that steady growth.

If you haven’t been taking the Yahoo!/Bing search alliance seriously, then now may be the time to consider it. There are not too many modifications required to also rank highly through Bing’s algorithm.

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