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You’ve likely heard of link buying and how it’s a terrible practice to get into. You’ve likely even heard that it could get your website banned from the search engines. But what if you pay a blogger to insert your link into his or her content on a site he or she doesn’t own?

It’s been going on for some time now. According to Matt Cutts, the search engines are looking for ways to detect it.

It shouldn’t be hard.

As a practice, bribing bloggers is no better than buying links. In fact, ethically speaking, it could be worse. The net search engine effect could be the same. If you’re found out, you’re toast.

It is hard to say if Google has taken action or is looking to take action in the near future against sites using this technique but it is clear, Google knows about it.

My bet is, they’ll take action. But there’s a fine line because the site owners on the sites where the links are built may not be aware of the practice. If they were, they’d fire the bloggers I’m sure. How awful would it be if those sites were penalized and that was how they found out that their bloggers were stiffing them? My bet is, some bloggers would lose their jobs.

If you do things the right way, you never have to worry about running afoul of search engine policies.

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