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There’s a lot about search engine optimization that relies on algorithms, and marketers spend a lot of time trying to figure out what the secret formula is for page rankings. But really, much of what those algorithms are designed to do is interpret human behavior.

The whole reason Google keeps updating is to keep the human interaction at the forefront of their rankings so they are respected as a legitimate source of good content. If people used Google and got spam, it would not take long for Google to fall, and they know it.

SEO Is More Than A Magic Formula

Good SEO has to be more than figuring out the latest version of Google’s secret algorithm — it has to keep the humans you are trying to engage in mind. If you are consistently engaging your customers and using the language your target audience would use to find something on the internet, there’s a natural keyword development. All the details that make up your site must be geared toward making sense to your target audience, and being valuable to your target audience.

The traffic that results from human engagement is measured in numbers of visits and links, but the numbers are meaningless apart from what they represent. Optimizing those numbers focuses on the quality of what is happening, and that is the true value of SEO.

An alogrithm is a tool, but good SEO practices are an art.

You can’t really reduce SEO to an algorithm, but you can learn much more about the art of good SEO at


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