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Not very many people think of performing SEO on PDF files. After all, they’re not web pages.

Ahh, but they are crawlable. And that means you should make an attempt to perform best search engine optimization practices on them.

Here are a few tips to help you SEO your PDF files better.

  • First, break large PDF files into smaller documents. If you have a small e-book of 150 pages with 10 chapters of 10-13 pages each, then break each chapter down into its own document. Tag each document with relevant keywords.
  • Make sure the PDF is text-based. Search engines like text and crawl text. Be sure to fill out the author, document title, description, file size, and modification date fields.
  • Make your links within the document easy to find for the search engines. Don’t bury them. And use anchor text and good title attributes for those links as well.
  • Make sure the search engines can read the PDF file format version number.
  • Just as you would for a web page, make sure the PDF document reads logically. There must be a logical flow of information so that the search engines can more easily ascertain what the document is about and index it accordingly.
  • Finally, ensure links from your web pages to your PDF document use the proper anchor text and title attribution. Those links are vitally important.

Performing SEO on a PDF document is largely the same as performing SEO on a web page with a few subtle differences.

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