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There’s no doubt you’ve likely seen those articles with low quality content and links with very specific anchor text pointing to a very specific web page that is “relevant” to that anchor text. It’s straight down the line by-the-book SEO. But does it work?

It used to work like a charm. But since Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, it isn’t likely to work as well as it used to. Google is killing the web spam.

One thing we’ve seen in the last year is that Google is agnostic when it comes to SEOs going “by the book.” It’s not against Google’s nature to rewrite the book from time to time. They’ve done it several times in the past. One notable time was the Florida update in 2003.

When Google rewrites the rules on SEO, it’s like every webmaster in the world is starting from scratch and on equal footing. We all have to go back to the testing lab to see what still works and what doesn’t. That’s where we are now. Will those low quality articles with “by the book” anchor text links still work?

I’m betting that some of them may. Many of them will not. And it isn’t because the links are bad. I think Google is now judging link quality based on content quality.

To be sure, they always have. But now they’re serious about it.

If you want real quality inbound links to your website, you have to work harder. Today it isn’t all about the anchor text. It’s all about the quality – the content quality as well as the link quality.

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