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Local search engine optimization can be a challenge for many online marketers, especially if you provide the same service to multiple cities across a wider geographic area. For instance, if you are an auto mechanic that caters to several smaller cities surrounding a large metropolitan area, then you might conduct SEO campaigns for each of those cities.

This is where you want to beware, however, you can’t simply build a website for each city with the same content replacing the name of the city for each location. That would be ineffective, for sure.

There are ways to provide unique content for each location that you serve. Here are three ideas to get your imagination going:

  1. Ask yourself what is different about each location. While the service you provide might be similar (in fact, they could be the same), each location might have specific needs within the overall service offerings of your business. Address those differences in your content.
  2. Use different types of content. For one location page on your website, add a video. For another location page, include written testimonials from your customers. On another location page you might use a graphic from a local artist and an article or two from local writers. Use your imagination and come up with your own ways of producing original content.
  3. Write a blog. With a blog, every blog post has to be different. You can address general information issues as well as specific local issues unique to each location your serve.

Publishing unique and original content for local areas is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. For better SEO, however, it is essential.

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