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What should you do if you discover that your website has a lot of bad inbound links? Can you delete them?

I’ll say right at the outset that it’s difficult to have your bad links removed. You’ll be a lot more effective if you create good links to offset the bad links you have out there. Diluting the effect of bad links is more effective and time efficient in the long run because the search engines measure your authority based on a cumulative effect of your overall marketing efforts online.

But if you were going to try to get those bad links deleted, how would you do it? Here’s a simple step-by-step process that I’d recommend following:

  1. First, identify the bad links. Webmaster Tools is the best way to identify bad links. Some SEO tools will help you with this too. Once you identify them, create a spreadsheet of those links and where they’re located.
  2. Contact the webmasters of the sites where your links are located. Don’t send out a form letter. Contact each one separately. Be personable, polite, and professional. Simply request that links to your site be removed. Many webmasters will ignore your request, but some will not.
  3. Report bad links to Google and Bing through Webmaster Tools.

That’s about all you can do. You will not likely get all of your bad links removed, but you might get some of them removed. Again, your best bet is to create as many good links as you can to dilute the effect of bad links.

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