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One of the most common worries among new webmasters is whether or not low quality back links will adversely affect their SEO or web rankings. Generally, no. But you have to take each case on its own merits.

Webmasters, most of the time, cannot control who links to them or why. That’s not your problem as webmaster. But if you are concerned about a particular back link or group of back links you can write to the website owner and request that your link be removed. Most webmasters will oblige, but if you run into a situation where you are refused then you might have other options. The search engines, however, will not help you in that situation.

Back links are generally good for webmasters, but they are only one factor that affect rankings. There are plenty more. Still, some links won’t benefit you at all. If a website has a reputation as being spammy, chances are links from that site won’t go to benefit you. But they won’t hurt you either. And that’s the beauty of low quality back links. It’s best not to worry about them.

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