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The vast majority of people need a picture…visual aids to understanding content. This is why you are seeing more infographics being used to explain things. Aleyda Solis does a great job of giving us a picture in The Illustrated SEO Competitive Analysis Workflow. The infographic lays out the process of identifying SEO targets and figuring out how you are going to develop your strategies in four steps.

The picture helps us understand a complicated thing: SEO competitive analysis is a subject that very few of us get a good grasp on at first. But this excellent infographic is in the middle of words explaining and enhancing our understanding of the picture.

We Need More Than Pictures

The visual catches our attention and helps us understand the content of a page, but without words we are interpreting the picture by our own perspective. In order to really understand SEO competitive analysis, you’d have to do a little more:

  • read expanded information
  • act on the suggestions using the chart as a guide
  • come back with questions and get answers
  • repeat

SEO Is Part Of A Bigger Picture

All the pieces of the puzzle are needed to give you the chance to see the picture it will create, and they have to be put together correctly first. Most of us need to see the picture on the jigsaw puzzle box while we are working on the puzzle because it helps us figure out where the pieces go. (Those who refuse to look at the picture have other priorities.)

Infographics like the one Ms. Solis did for Moz on SEO Competitive Analysis are great for helping us put the pieces of the puzzle together correctly. It’s a good reminder that people need visuals to help them understand content. It’s also a good reminder that SEO doesn’t exist in a vacuum but in a context, like a puzzle piece in a box with a picture on the lid.

For more about SEO and the context in which it exists, seeĀ



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