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Google’s Matt Cutts, head of the web spam team, posted a YouTube video about upcoming algorithm changes. This is something Google rarely does, but Matt thought it was important he posted on Twitter that “Pretty much every SEO should watch this video:”

I’m going to post the video for you to watch, but before I do, here’s a summary of what you’ll hear:

  1. There will be a major Penguin update
  2. Google will address advertorial spam
  3. Spammy queries will be looked at
  4. He doesn’t say what, specifically, Google will do in this regard, but Matt does say they plan to “go upstream” to address link spam
  5. More sophisticated link analysis (Matt seems really excited about this one even though his language is tentative)
  6. Improvements on how Google handles hacked websites
  7. Algorithm tweaks to boost “authority” as a ranking factor
  8. Google will attempt to soften the blow of Panda for sites in the “gray area”
  9. This one actually makes a lot of sense and it’s surprising Google didn’t think of it sooner, but they will diminish the number of times a domain cluster appears in the SERPs for the same domain, addressing specifically subsequent SERP pages
  10. Improvements to webmaster communication

Much of this has to do with addressing blackhat SEO techniques, so most of us don’t have anything to worry about. The changes that will affect us whitehat guys are mostly positive. Should we be worried, or do you see any of this as good for webmasters?

Watch the video before you answer:

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