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Finally, Google has announced the complete rollout of Caffeine, its next generation of search. If you’ll remember, Google announced the beta version of Caffeine last year.

So what does this mean, really?

The most significant thing, in my opinion, is that it means a faster Web. It also means that more of the Web is getting indexed. Those two things are pretty significant.

You can also say that Google is able to catch the spam more quickly. But in terms of what it means to you, the individual webmaster, what does it mean?

Here’s what it means in a nutshell:

  • You need to focus on real time information (don’t remain static)
  • Make sure you don’t look like an idiot because if you do then it will show as soon as you publish – there’s no taking it back
  • Try to make your content relevant in as multidimensional a way as possible without watering it down
  • Go vertical – news, video, images – any way you can

Just because Google has given us Caffeine doesn’t mean it has given up on universal search and personalized search. They’re incorporated. In fact, every major algorithmic, ranking and indexing change Google has incorporated in the last few years has been rolled into Google Caffeine. That makes Caffeine a pretty special product. But search engine optimization hasn’t really changed at the core. You just have to be smarter about it.

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