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Google+ just keeps improving. You can now search photos exclusively using Google+’s search bar.

This actually makes sense and was no doubt done to encourage more photo uploads. But photographers have always been active on Google+, and there seems to be a very active and close-knit community of photographers on Google+, so I’m sure they’re taking a liking to this new feature. But it will serve to benefit the rest of us as well.

In fact, if you haven’t been adding photos to your Google+ posts, you should.

When you add photos to your Google+ account, and you can do it in a couple of ways, you should go to great pains to make sure they are associated with the proper keywords. Start by keyword optimizing your posts with a great title and well-optimized content. When you tag your photos, make sure your tags match your keywords. If there are specific keywords you’d like that photo to be found for, include those.

So how can you upload photos in Google+?

For starters, you can upload photos by clicking the camera icon in the post field. Use the “Share what’s new” box, click the camera icon, and add your content.

The other way to upload photos is to click the Photos icon on the sidebar in your Google+ account. Click the red +Add Photos button and add your photos. Or, click “Instant Upload” or “Albums.”

Albums are another way to optimize your photos. Name your albums using keywords you’d like your images associated with. It’s an excellent way to categorize your photos and increase your optimization efforts.

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