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Instead of focusing your local blog on specific keywords designed to push your content up in the search engines (what some people call spam and others refer to as SEO), why not use your local influencers – people and organizations – as well as ordinary people to geotarget your local blog?

I’m talking about your business blog, and I’m talking about an unusual way to accomplish local SEO without simply focusing on churning out keyword-based content designed solely for SEO.

There are a number of ways you can accomplish this, but here are 5 ways that you can use local people and organizations to help you SEO your website locally.

  1. Hold a contest in which the winner is highlighted on your blog.
  2. Write a community service blog post once a week where you highlight a local person or organization for its service to the community.
  3. Choose a customer and make him/her the Customer of the Week. Write up a feature story about that person.
  4. Once a week or once a month, choose someone who is not a customer and ask them to try your product or service, then interview them about it an publish what they tell you (even if it’s negative).
  5. Write a story highlighting the 1,000th customer of the week, or something similar.

There are a lot of ways to geotarget your website, but if you try one of these five methods, then the content can naturally be geotargeted for maximum SEO benefits. Just be sure that you say what part of town or the neighborhood the person or organization you are focusing on lives in or does business in. You’ll see your title=”local website design SEO” target=”_blank”>local website geotargeted in no time.

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