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Without content no website can succeed. It’s like a car without an engine. It just won’t go. So you can bet it’s the most important part of your website development. But should you outsource it or hire an in-house writing team?

There are pros and cons to both. An in-house writing team will be easier and more convenient to communicate with and train. However, it could also be more expensive.

With outsourcing, it’s easier to let someone go if they aren’t producing the quality that you expect. It’s also a good way to test writers that you may be considering for an in-house team. Many times you can get very good quality writers at just a fraction of the cost of hiring someone to work inside your company.

So where do you find writers to produce your content? Here are a few resources you might consider:

  • Craigslist
  • Freelance websites like Guru and Elance
  • Reading blogs within your niche or industry
  • Job boards
  • Local colleges and universities
  • Professional writing associations

It’s important that any writer you hire, whether they be an in-house writer or a freelance writer, have some necessary knowledge. At a minimum they should:

  • Be familiar with search engine optimization strategies
  • Understand social media marketing
  • Know your goals and objectives
  • Be familiar with your company style and voice

On that last point, it’s not just important to know your style and voice. A good writer must be able to imitate it. After all, they are producing content for your website and your readers will know if they get it wrong.

Whether you hire an in-house writing team or a group of freelancers, keep in mind that your content is your business. Don’t let them compromise it.

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