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Just from observation, it’s easy to tell the difference between an experienced, professional business versus one that consists of amateurs. Generally, the place of business will be an indicator, or those that work there are a dead giveaway that they either do or don’t know what they are doing.

Unfortunately, in the world of Internet business, specifically Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, (since that seems to be a trend for those just starting out), it’s not always so easy to know who you can trust. A professional looking website is relatively easy to make for anyone with a background in web design and coding, and ad copy can be paraphrased, but there are some on-site indications of an amateur that can be dug up if one were to look for the right things.

  • Site Copy– A lot of beginner SEO’s can piece together a good looking website and a few decent lines of content for that site, but one sign of an amateur will be the lack of that content. A general description of services and how they work for their clients is a good sign that they lack the experience and knowledge to perform the job right. A site with a lot of gibberish can also be an indication of an amateur, but this is not always easily discernible from a site with a wealth of quality information about their services. If the latter of these situations is encountered, the best idea is to contact the firm by phone and get a feel for their potential by talking with them about their services. A solid group of professionals will be happy to answer any questions concerning the work that they do.
  • Prices– Everyone is familiar with the saying “if it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t true”, but not all the time do they go with their gut instinct. It happens with products that sell for less than others – the ones that break after a minimal number of uses. It is in these situations that we wish we had spent a little extra for the higher quality product that would likely last for a much longer time. The same concept applies to services as well, and especially SEO services which are not only considered valuable for the money that is spent, but also the time. A solid SEO campaign takes months, years even, to achieve desired results, so spending money on an amateur campaign that reaps little to no results is not only a waste of that money, but the time put into that campaign – time that your business could have been found by many potential clients or customers. A lot of amateur SEO firms will provide their services for a very low price to sucker in businesses that want to spend less for more on advertising, but the results of an SEO campaign, coupled with the experience of a professional Internet marketing firm, are in direct proportion to the amount of time and money put into it.
  • Communication – While not an on-site factor, the communication between an Internet marketing firmand its clients is the cornerstone of the success of any SEO campaign. How a firm communicates its intentions to the client is crucial to the client’s understanding of how their money is being spent. If you, as a client, are not convinced that a given firm is taking the right steps to increase your chances of success, you should always feel free to ask questions, and have the firm address your concerns. A firm that avoids confrontation involving what they do for their clients  is likely not providing valuable services, but rather implementing a few simple tasks that will do little or nothing for your business.

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