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Have you seen one of your tweets hit page 1 for a key search term? If so then you understand how it can be good SEO. If not then pay attention because this isn’t rocket science.

Of course, not everyone is doing it either.

Twitter results are now a part of all the major search engine results in real time. But even outside of real time you can rank for keywords on Twitter as well as on secondary social networks.

A secondary social network is a social media site you are a member of that automatically updates any time you update your Twitter feed. Many social media sites allow you to sync your profile with your Twitter feed so that your tweets automatically appear on those sites. Every tweet that is fed to a secondary social network has the potential to rank in the search engines.

When you write your tweets, keep your keywords in mind. Target them just as you would in a blog post or any other online content. You might just find your tweets appearing on the first page of search results at all of the search engines.

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