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There are three trains of thought concerning domain names. There are the exact match domain name advocates, the “close enough” domain name advocates, and the branded domain name advocates. Each camp has its good reasons for believing as they do and have some good points of defense, but is there a right way?

Not really.

The reason some people think an exact match domain name is necessary is because of SEO. There have been times when exact match domains ranked better as a result of a keyword appearing in the domain name. Now is one of those times. But there have also been times when it didn’t matter. That’s because Google is always tweaking its algorithm and things change.

This might sound like a reason to ensure you have an exact match domain name because, after all, if you’re living in such a time that it does matter for SEO purposes then you’ll want to cash in. But not so fast.

There are plenty of online businesses who have a branded domain name and they’re doing just fine. Google is one of those. Facebook, the most trafficked website online, is another. Obviously, they’ve done pretty well without exact match domain names, haven’t they?

There is something to be said for building a brand. Traditional business and marketing techniques suggest that branding yourself has a lot more long-term benefit than an exact match domain ever could have. If you can do both, great, but if t comes down to one or the other, you’d be better off with going with a name that will give you long-lasting benefits.

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