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It seems like more and more I am reading SEO doomsday reports. Some SEO or Internet marketer I’ve never heard of starts squeaking about how Google is killing SEO with its recent algorithm changes or merging of services. Here’s the problem: Google has been making algorithm changes for over a decade. This is nothing new.

And Google has added and taken away services almost as rapidly. This is nothing new.

I think SEO has a long life ahead of it. Yes, there will be changes. There will be adjustments. These are a part of life. If you want to survive online, then you’ll have to learn to adjust to the adjustments. But don’t blame Google or the search engine optimization community. Things change.

That said, I do think search engine optimization is getting harder. One of the reasons for all the changes is to kill SEO spam. As spammers get smarter about their tactics, the search engines have to get smarter about theirs. And when they do they make it harder for all the rest of us. Even legitimate SEO professionals.

I’ve learned to see this as a natural and necessary part of the SEO business. Every profession has its hazards and one of the hazards of the SEO profession is constant change. We just have to keep plugging away and getting better at what we do.

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