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I was talking to a client the other day and he mentioned that he’d been following a certain marketer who swore up and down that guest blogging was THE marketing tool of the century. In fact, the client went so far as to say that his guru had told him not to worry about SEO. After all, SEO is hard work and takes too long. So you should hang your hat on guest blogging, right?

My jaw dropped.

I have nothing against guest blogging. It’s a good way to draw additional attention to your own blog and website, drive new traffic, and even perform some extra search engine optimization. What caused my draw to job was two things.

  1. I can’t believe an Internet marketer (a successful one at that) would say that you shouldn’t worry about SEO;
  2. and I’m a bit befuddled that a successful marketer would suggest that it is wise to hang one’s hat on one single marketing technique.

Why Wouldn’t You Consider SEO?

On the SEO question, considering that SEO takes up no more time than writing content itself takes, why not consider it? I mean, you’re writing content anyway. So why not SEO it? You get all the benefits with none of the drawbacks.

SEO does take time. There’s no doubt about that. You have to give it time to work. But don’t throw it out. The search engines are still the biggest driver of traffic online, so I say think about search engine optimization.

Diversify Your Marketing

I would never rely on just one method of marketing, no matter what that method is. If it’s guest blogging, it should be in addition to everything else. If it’s SEO, it should be a primary marketing concern, but not your only marketing concern.

A sure way to kill your online marketing is to base it only one marketing concept. Don’t do that. Diversify.

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