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So you’ve built your website and now you’re ready to start promoting. Should you promote it to local prospects only or go broader, wider, more worldwide?

That’s the question every new website owner should answer. Hopefully, you’ve thought about it before you built your website. If you want to focus on local prospects, then it helps to optimize your website for local traffic. That includes adding your physical address and phone number to your web pages – especially your About and Contact pages, but possibly all of your pages. Globally targeted websites don’t need a physical address appearing on the site unless you do mail order.

Other considerations for local businesses include who your prospects are and how you intend to attract people to your business and website.

If your business products and services can only be distributed to local persons, then you obviously have to promote your website locally. For instance, a plumber can’t travel from New York to California to perform services; those services must be delivered to local home owners and businesses.

Promoting a website locally also includes some level of offline promotion. That might include earned media through local newspapers, TV, and radio as well as ad placements in those markets. It could also mean some phone prospecting or door-to-door, perhaps even some outdoor marketing. You’ll certainly want to include your web address on your business cards and stationery.

Local SEO involves listing your website in Google Places and Bing Local as well as other local directories like Yelp and MerchantCircle.

Global SEO has its strategies as well. The first step to website marketing is to decide what market your business will serve. Start there and the rest can almost take care of itself.

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