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I’ve heard more than a few arguments about whether or not long or short content is best for online marketing. To tell the truth, I think it’s a losing argument no matter which side you’re on.

The advocates of short content take that approach because they believe that people won’t read long form content. The truth, however, is that people will read long form content if it is good. They won’t read it if it is not good, but they won’t read short form content if isn’t good either.

Advocates for long form content argue that search engines have more to feed on with long content. The more content you have the more queries you can rank for. That’s true. But if the content isn’t worth reading, ranking well for it won’t matter. You’ll get a lot of bounces if you get traffic at all.

The key to any and all content, whether short or long, is to make it good. Quality content is the best content.

So does that mean that size doesn’t matter? Not really. Size matters if you want to increase your chances at ranking for more search queries, but you have to take the time to do your research and write content that deserves to rank well. That means writing content that people want to read. If you can consistently produce high quality content in long form, then you should do well online.

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