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Do you approach SEO like a Hail Mary, just toss it into the air and see where it lands? If that is your style of SEO you could be killing yourself long before you’ve had a chance to succeed. You should never approach SEO, or any type of marketing, blindly or haphazardly.

Good SEO is a strategy. It involves research, strategic planning, phased-in implementation, constant re-thinking and re-organizing and a team play mindset. There are no superstars in corporate SEO strategy. If you have any superstars, or wannabe superstars, replace them and get to work building a solid team with experience and background.

A hail mary pass is a slang term for a football play where the quarterback throws the ball long and high and hopes that a receiver is downfield to catch it. In reality, the odds against the pass being successful are quite low. Most of the time, successful passes are successful because of luck more than anything else. You certainly don’t want your SEO strategy to rely on luck for success. You want that to be planned.

If you are not sure how to plan and implement a successful SEO strategy then contact someone who does. Seek a consultant who understands how to take a company website and turn it into an SEO goldmine. Quit relying on hail marys.

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