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There was a time when content writers got a little concerned that their keyword density was too high. In fact, many early SEOs taught people to ensure their keyword density was somewhere between 1% and 5%. It seems a little silly now, but a lot of us bought into that line.

Here’s the truth: Don’t worry, be happy.

Your keyword density is not the issue. It can’t be too high or too low. The idea is to write great content. If you write awesome content that speaks to your audience, it’s well written, and it provides value, then you can have a high keyword density. You’ll still get your page to rank.

The most important thing to know about web page content is that it must be good content. Quality content that adds value to the Internet.

The problem with content that doesn’t meet the quality standards of the search engines is that it is usually deemed as spam. That could mean too many keywords on the page, but if it does, it likely means that the keyword is used in a spammy way that doesn’t provide value to your audience. In that case, the problem isn’t a keyword density that is too high. Rather, the problem is that your content quality is too low.

If you’re not a writer, you’d be better off hiring a content writer. Hire a ghostwriter who understand search engine optimization and will write great content, not one who uses spammy techniques and voodoo SEO.

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