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Is your business coming up when someone searches for it? When it comes up, do your hours and location leap to the eye? Can someone see if you have the product they are seeking?

These questions are the ones to ask, according to the latest Google Think Insights Study. Marketing Pilgrim took a quick look at the highlights and here they are:

  • 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphone (88%) or tablet/computer (84%) to do a local search
  • 50% of smartphone searchers visit the store within a day vs 34% of tablet/computer users
  • smartphone users look for business hours (54%), directions (53%), and address (50%)
  • tablet/computer searchers are interested in availability of product (45%), hours (42%), and address (38%)
  • 60 to 70% of consumers want to search by customizing for city or immediate surroundings

The full Google report on understanding consumer’s local search behavior is here. The takeaway for a business is in making sure that the information — ALL the information — that comes up when someone searches for anything related to their business is accurate, easy to find on the page with a small screen, and links to their home web page for further information like menus or products.

Many people are willing to come to a store to get what they want if it is nearby and they know it is available. This is the advantage local has over online sales, because there’s immediate gratification when you get what you want at the time of purchase instead of waiting for it to be shipped. Your site has to come up in a search, be updated, and easy to navigate or your visitors will go somewhere else.

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