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Keyword research is a fact of life. Every website owner does it, or should. But what do you need to know about keywords?

The most important thing to know about keywords is that they are not static. Keyword research is not a one time event. It’s an ongoing event, and you should plan to revisit your keyword list at least a couple of times a year.

Search trends change. People don’t search for the same information today that they searched for ten years ago. And even if they search on the same subject, their search queries will change over time. For instance, at one time, people searched for “blogging,” “blog,” or “blogger.” There was no such thing as “blog ghostwriting” or “blog management.” But as more and more businesses sought to go online and market their businesses, a niche developed for blog writing as a service. Now, it’s not uncommon to see people search for blog ghostwriting or blog management services.

You can do this analysis in any industry. There are niche search queries that didn’t exist ten years ago in your industry. There will be search queries ten years from now that aren’t being made today. There might even be new search queries next year.

So when you create your keyword list, remember that you’ll have to come back to that list at some point and revamp it. It’s a part of the SEO process.

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