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There is a lot of talk among SEOs about White Hat strategies and Black Hat strategies. Obviously, you want to stay away from the Black Hat SEO tactics and go with the White Hat tactics. But there’s just one problem. Every White Hat SEO tactic has the potential to become a Black Hat tactic.

I’m not being facetious. All it takes to become a Black Hat SEO is to take a White Hat technique and overdo it. Many have done it.

Google algorithm updates are full of historic swipes at large numbers of Internet marketers who learned how to SEO their websites from gurus, ninjas, and purveyors of White Hat tactics. What’s good today may be bad tomorrow in the eyes of the search engines. That’s why I advocate any SEO tactic being employed in moderation.

Too many blog comment links can be detrimental. The reason is because so many commentators are only after the links.

Take any SEO tactic that has worked for someone and you can find someone else that it has hurt. That includes simple implementations like using a keyword in your page title. It works because it’s a practice that has been recognized by the industry to get pages to rank well. BUT, there have been some cases where a web page has ranked for a search term that was not included in the page title. It happens all the time. And there are instances, as well, where search terms in page titles couldn’t save a web page from being de-listed or falling in the SERPs.

I’m not saying that search terms added to a page title will get your site de-listed or cause you to fall in the rankings. What I am saying is if you take a good thing to excess, then you could be considered a Black Hat SEO practitioner by the search engines.

Do the good things, but do them in moderation.

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