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SEO services can be either useless or powerful. Some services that used to be very good services are now no longer worth spending a dime on. One of those is search engine submission services.

I still see companies offering this service on their website and, quite frankly, I’m perplexed. It makes me scratch my head to think there are people who buy these services, but I’m sure some people do or the SEO companies offering them wouldn’t have them in their inventory. So why am I against search engine submission services?

For one thing, there are really only two search engines left you should even bother worrying about. And both of them are capable of finding your website on their own.

All you have to do to ensure Google and Bing crawl your website and index it is to create a few inbound links and to submit a sitemap. You can build the necessary inbound links (it only takes one) by sharing a few pages on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Another thing you can do is write a few guest blog posts for websites in your niche.

As long as you build a few inbound links to your website, you don’t need submit to search engine services. But you should add a sitemap to your websites.

A sitemap will give the search engines a directory of pages on your site and make it easier to crawl. Don’t both with search engine submission services.

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