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The online world can be quite frustrating at times. You write what appears to be quality content, content that answers a lot of questions that appear around forums and online Q&A sites, yet hardly anyone comes to read it.  So what is the problem?

In many cases, it is the search engine optimization efforts that are failing to deliver results. SEO today is only one tool.  There are many other channels that you can market your pages through and this is often the one area where many website owners let themselves down. Promoting content can be difficult, but there are channels where, with the right approach, you can effectively spread the word. These channels include:

Article Marketing – Don’t make the mistake of re-writing the article and submitting it to article sites. Write a complimentary article that introduces the subject and goes some way to answering a problem – leave the links in the article to drive readers to your page for the full answer. These articles work well for guest posts as well.

Q&A Forums – Perhaps one of the most underused resources on the Internet are sites like Yahoo! Answers. Find relevant questions and again answer the question briefly with a link to your pages for a fuller answer.

Social Media – Enter discussions on these topics and refer readers to your pages for more in-depth information.

These are just a few examples of where you can promote your high value content. At the same time, you may even give your search engine optimization program a boost by acquiring new links. What is important is that your pages are being promoted to help others solve issues and those references will remain for months or years continually delivering traffic to your website.

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