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What does it take to be good at SEO? Can you do it overnight? Is it a long-term strategy or a short-term strategy?

There is actually a lot of debate about this in SEO circles. Some SEOs are content to go on responding to Google’s frequent algorithm updates in hopes that they might figure out the secret to high rankings. Some SEOs will spend hours, days, and weeks “studying” the search engine algorithms hoping to learn how best to rank well for specific key phrases.

Is it possible? Can you study the search engines and learn the secret to rankings? Many SEOs stake their reputations on it.

The fact of the matter is that learning “the secret” to high rankings is a never-ending struggle. The best that any SEO can do is maintain a posture of good, solid content creation over time. While you might lucky and achieve excellent search engine results over the short term, the real SEO success formula is a long-term strategy. You are building websites and creating content for next decade as much as next year.

Instead of chasing algorithms, you’d do well to simply create great content and let the search engines do their thing.

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