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Search engine optimization is more than just finding keywords and ranking in the search results for them. In fact, that is probably the downfall of many a web site owners.

Sure, they receive swags of traffic from the search engines, however, their conversion rates are often extremely low. The end result is that a web site owner walks away from any type of search engine optimization program. Their pages then drop out of the search results further exascerbating the web site owners views on SEO in general.

Having failed to achieve any results with organic search, they then turn to paid search. Using common keywords can be an expensive way to gain traffic on any pay-per-click platform, search or otherwise. Common keywords are highly competitive – this drives up the price per click.

Let me let you in on a little secret – high priced pay-per-click keywords generally have a low conversion ratio. In fact, you can often get a far higher conversion ratio using keywords that are a fraction of the cost of the more common keywords.

They weren’t wrong to target the search engines for either organic or paid traffic. Their mistake was to target the wrong set of keywords. We are now living in a world where the internet is playing a role in the lives of almost everyone. Not only that, users are becoming more savvy when it comes to searches. The biggest rise in searches has been in the long tail search involving four or more words.

Finding the right keywords is the hardest part of any search engine optimization program. You want keywords that used by searchers because they want to act. Keywords that target casual surfers should be low priority. If you’re in business, you want action and that generally means sales.

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways of developing both an organic and paid search engine campaign is to hire a professional to work with you. Notice I said with you and not for you. That is an important part of the relationship.

A professional internet marketing firm has the experience, and the access to tools, that can help find the most appropriate keywords for your business. As a professional yourself you should be familiar with terms such as ROI. Internet marketing is about getting the best flow of converting traffic at the lowest possible cost per conversion possible – in other words, maximizing your ROI.

Look towards a professional internet marketing firm like Reciprocal Consulting. They can maximise your online presence and help you gain sustainable traffic that converts with the highest possible ROI. That equates to the highest possible profits – after all, isn’t that why your in business.

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