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A good marketing research program will help you to understand who your demographic audience is. Don’t be surprised to see that youths and young adults are high up on the list. They have taken to the online world faster than any other generation, and they have brought with them a whole new language.

The language of our youth is not just the abbreviated or truncated language that evolved from SMS through to Twitter and is now common on Facebook. They have also brought with them a new language. They have brought with them the art of taking two words and combining them into one – and those words are starting to stick in our day-to-day language.

Search engine optimization is based in part on your choice of keywords and keyword phrases. The time will soon come when keyword selection will necessitate diving into this new language. John Jantsch on WebProNews suggests that SEO programs should be concentrating on these issues for mobile search. I agree, however, why stop at mobile search?

If you are communicating with this generation of users through social media sites, you will no doubt have come across this new use of our language.  By targeting your keywords, onsite content and social media conversations using this language, you may just find there is a whole new group of potential customers that you can tap into.

The Internet is moving forward quickly. We need to move forward as well, upadating and replacing equipment as and when we need them, while keeping an eye on who our customers are. It’s an interesting world with an interesting language taking over the Internet.

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