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If you are a new business just setting up then you are going to find it tough. There’s no point mincing words – search is quickly becoming saturated, especially when it comes to short one- or two-word keywords, and ranking highly quickly is just not going to happen. It’s not all doom and gloom, however. If you work your way methodically you can succeed and, over time, you can start to make a serious impact in search results – it all depends on your approach.

Chasing highly competitive keywords is the quickest way to bankruptcy. Your competitors have had a big head start on you and their search engine optimization programs will make it much harder for you to compete. If you are results oriented, then you can start to make an impact. It’s really a very simple process on paper (not so simple in application). What is the process?

Keywords – Finding keywords that are still competitive. They may not receive zillions of searches each day, but that factor alone makes them attractive.

Optimizing – Optimizing your web site for those keywords is the next step. This includes all the usual onsite and offsite factors.

Analyzing – Now comes the results orientated process – are those keywords starting to rank; are they delivering traffic; and are they converting into sales? If they are, you are on the right track; if not, why not? – this is the real analysis process.

More Keywords – Once you are starting to see results, it’s time to go back and take another look at those keywords. Your first list contained keywords with low competition – it’s now time to start attacking keywords with a little more competition – then optimize, then analyze. It’s a process that never stops and, over time, you may well be in a position to attack those top-of-the-chain keywords.

The key to succeeding in a highly competitive market is to start by attacking the lesser quality keywords – running a strong search engine optimization campaign – then steadily building on that base. In two, three or perhaps four years time, you will look back and be amazed at far you have traveled. Build your business on results rather than trying to be number one overnight – it’s not going to happen.

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