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If you want a solid SEO plan for building back links to your website and taking over the SERPs within your niche, here’s a little secret: Try Squidoo, Facebook, and YouTube.

No, seriously.

Let’s discuss this one-third of the triad at a time:


Let’s start with YouTube. Set up a YouTube channel using your primary keyword in the channel’s title. Then start producing videos. Make them short videos and give each video a unique title that uses the keyword you want to target in the search engines. Post them as often as you can. Post to YouTube at least once a week. Every day is better.


Build a Squidoo Lens around your keyword. Again, title your Squidoo Lens using the keyword you are targeting. Build great content around that keyword using a variety of modules. Include some of your YouTube videos.


Build a Facebook fan page. Again, make sure your keyword is in the title of your fan page. Post your YouTube videos to your fan page. Link to your Squidoo Lens on your Facebook fan page. And link to your Facebook fan page from your Squidoo Lens. Your triad should be completely linked together.

Your Triad Should Rule

If you do this correctly, you should see yourself rising in the SERPs and taking them over. You can move your website to the top of the SERPs by linking to it from each of your triad accounts. Get aggressive, but be smart.

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