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SEO copywriters always run the risk of making two big mistakes:

  • Doing too much
  • Doing too little

And I mean this with regard to the nuts and bolts of SEO – keywords, links, etc.

Doing Too Much

SEOs who do too much usually end up stuffing their content with keywords or going hog wild in building links. If they would just spend some time writing natural language content, they wouldn’t have to worry about stuffing their content with keywords and links. Nothing beats good SEO like saying what you intended to say and just getting on with it.

That said, it’s important to pay attention to your keywords. Would you write about rotating your tires without using phrases like “tire rotation” and “wheel?” Of course not.

Use the language you would normally use and your SEO should be fine.

Doing Too Little

On the flip side, I think you can do too little. That is, you don’t employ any keyword usage at all. Why would you do that?

If you’re afraid of being tagged as a spammer, it’s probably because you’ve been tagged as a spammer before. Don’t worry about it. Just write good content that answers people’s questions. When you do that, be sure you write in the language of your audience. That’s the best SEO you’ll ever employ.

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