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An article at SitePro News lists 4 SEO lessons from 2012 to make 2013 your best year ever. Yeah, right.

Here’s a tip: All 4 of these SEO lessons from 2012 are lessons you should have learned in 2005. And if you didn’t, then you don’t really know SEO. Let’s summarize the article:

  1. Love the longtail – People were talking about the long tail in SEO back in 2005. That hasn’t changed. If you’re a new business, your best bet is to go after the long tail phrases in your niche. Same strategy that has worked for years.
  2. White Hat Is Back – In fact, it never left. Black hats succeed for a little while, then they always get caught. If you practice white hat SEO techniques, you’ll never have to worry.
  3. Relevancy is the New PR – Again, relevancy has always been one of the key principles of SEO. For awhile, people got away with gaming links. But that was short term. Google came back and got them. SEOs who practices relevancy all along are still going strong.
  4. Focus On Quality Content – Here’s another buzzword amateur SEOs like to throw around. If you didn’t focus on quality content in 2012, then it’s because you didn’t know quality content was a key factor long before that.

Nothing has changed in SEO unless you’ve been trying to game the search engines. If you focus on quality content and relevant link building, then you should see positive results no matter what year it is.

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