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Content portability is a fairly new concept, though in reality it’s been around for as long as the Web. It simply means taking your content and making it accessible in other parts of the web. The further afield you can take your content the more likely you are to attract more visitors to your website. But how is content portability accomplished?

It is accomplished in a number of ways:

  • RSS feeds
  • Aggregation
  • Widgets
  • Web apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Social media republishing
  • Blogging and article marketing

Essentially, any tool that can be used to take content on one site and redistribute it through another website or platform is taking the concept of content portability and making it work for you.

The benefits of content portability are increased traffic to your website, more eyes on your brand, enhanced reputation on the Web, name recognition among your audience, and your own social graph enhancement.

In an age of rapid progression and competitive social media publishing, you cannot afford to delay content portability or hold back from publishing and republishing your important content. It takes little effort and is very affordable. Learn more about content portability right now.

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