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About once a year some SEO guru comes out of the woodworks and announces a new SEO strategy. Usually, it’s someone we’ve never heard of, and many times they proclaim that Google has confirmed their strategy is the best. Well, here’s another one.

To be fair, the author does say right up front that she’s been teaching her strategy for years, so it’s really nothing new. But I agree with it 100%.

Here’s what the article is really saying:

You don’t have to use your specific keyword phrases exactly as they are in every instance throughout your articles or blog posts. Instead, use them once or twice exactly as you want to be ranked for them and then write naturally. Pretty simple.

This has been the guiding philosophy at Reciprocal Consulting for years. Natural language writing is the best way to go for most types of content. SEO is nothing more than peppering your natural language writing with a couple of instances of your exact keyword phrase so that the search engines can have their morsel of clarity.

One thing is clear: You can over-SEO your website. You can do too much. And many website optimizers do that by trying to stuff their keywords into every element on the page. You don’t have to do that.

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