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What happens if you link out to a website that is irrelevant to your topic? Will Google penalize you for posting irrelevant links? Will it hurt you or help you? What do you think will happen?

Is there even an SEO benefit to outbound links?

Let’s start with the last question. Yes, you can benefit from out links.

That’s contrary to what most SEOs will tell you. They’ll say you want all inbound links and that outbound links will kill your SEO. It’s not true. Links serve one useful purpose to search engines – to let them know what a page is about. If you create an outbound link with the right anchor text and within the context of your on-page content, Google will understand what the other page is about before it gets there. So what?

You might be writing about dog biscuits and you compare them to nutritional human food. So you link out to your favorite energy bar website. That has nothing to do with dog biscuits, right? Right. But Google doesn’t care.

SEOs like to spend all their time worrying about relevant links. Sure, relevant links might produce a greater benefit in terms of link relevance than irrelevant links, but I’ve seen a lot of irrelevant links count and pass solid link juice. It happens. And the reason it happens is because those links are natural.

Quite trying to appear like you are linking naturally and actually do it.

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