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Social media marketing is like a microcosm of marketing in general. In the sense that you can drive traffic to where you want it using the proper social media marketing channels, you can run an effective marketing campaign in just a few hours a week. But how does the traffic flow?

We recommend that you use social networking like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the many other social networking sites online to drive traffic to your blog. You then use your blog to attract opt-in subscribers to your e-mail list. And you use your e-mail marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your sales pages.

If you use this model you will find that your sales pages will receive the most conversions. Your e-mail blasts will receive a fair number of conversions but not as many as your sales landing pages. Your blog will also receive a decent number of conversions but not as many as your e-mail campaigns. Your social networking profiles will receive the fewest conversions, but they will be a primary driver of traffic to your blog.

This is called a sales funnel. Establish your sales funnel and then work it to achieve the results you want to achieve. You can do that with social media as well as anything else.

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