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SEO is a science/art that changes over time. Strategies that worked ten years ago may be employed differently if you want to see the same results. Article marketing is one SEO tactic that is still useful, but successful Internet marketers aren’t doing it the same way they used to.

Let’s be clear about what is the purpose of article marketing. It’s actually three purposes.

  1. Link building – Yes, article marketing can help you build inbound links to your websites, but it’s just one reason you write articles and seek publication on other websites.
  2. Reputation building – Articles are also great for building your reputation as an authority in your niche.
  3. Pre-selling – If you write your articles the right way, your prospects will be pre-sold. That is, they’ll almost be ready to buy when they land on your website.

Ultimately, you want to drive new traffic to your website. That’s why you write and publish articles. So why not go to high traffic publishers with a high authority rating? Three such websites are listed below.

    Knol – Google Knol pages are great because you can put your links right in the article.
    HubPages – Build knowledge hubs where each article focuses on a specific topic within your niche.
    Squidoo – Created by Seth Godin, Squidoo allows you to build lenses around specific topics where each lens consist of multiple articles that link back to other places on the web.

All three of these high PageRank websites are great traffic generators and awesome link building tools. They’re perfect for article marketing.

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