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Test question: Which links are more important (multiple choice):

  • a. Outbound links?
  • b. Inbound links?
  • c. Internal links?

No, it’s not a trick question. The answer is, All of the above. Sorry, that wasn’t an option. You pass by default.

All links serve a purpose. It isn’t merely navigational. Outbound links can send traffic to other websites and cause the people you want to buy your widgets to leave in mass droves. But that’s not what you want, is it? Still, carefully placed outbound links can serve a useful SEO purpose.

Inbound links, too, can benefit you in your search engine optimization goals. As well, internal links can be SEO gold.

In fact, internal links are just as important as inbound links for SEO purposes. Both are better than outbound even though outbound links can be good for SEO. Internal links with the proper anchor text can pass just as much SEO link building juice and inbound links and are easier to get. That’s why an internal navigation structure for your website is the No. 1 link building method for most SEOs. It should be for you too.

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